Juniper Day One: vMX Up and Running

My Day One book on the vMX is now available – the book gives an introduction to vMX and then goes on to walk through a complete build of it on Ubuntu Linux (Junipers preferred distribution). So you can get familiar with vMX and Junos, you will get straight in to the Lab and build and scale a topology, learning about EVPN and VPLS along the way.


The Day One is for network engineers or architects who are interested in learning more about vMX, and KVM in general. You might be thinking about how to deploy vMX in a production environment, or how to build and scale a lab or simulation, without access to physical routers.

It was a fun project and I’d like to thank Juniper for the opportunity.

Here’s how you can get a copy of the book:

Also thanks to Said van de Klundert for the review of the Day One.

3 thoughts on “Juniper Day One: vMX Up and Running”

  1. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your work! Your Day One vMX book is wonderful!!! I read it and I can setup the vMX after reading your book! Easy to understand the “complex” topics. Again, thank you very much!

  2. Hey Matt,

    The Guide worked a treat! Just set up my first vMX in a nested Ubuntu :). Thanks mate much appreciated!!!

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